About us

The "Boot" (german for boat) is the department store – from Aschaffenburg, Bavaria, Germany, – for clothes and accessories for all people of the alternative culture. The range of goods extends from 2nd hand records, books, films and clothing to new clothing, accessories, records and merchandise.

Our claim is: From the scene - for the scene. Live diversity, represent multiculture, promote subculture and not an inch to fascism. With being social and sustainable.

Marcus, Nickname (Name): "Föller"

Mastermind Marcus is the captain of the "Boot" (german for "Boat"). As a co-founder of Banana Boot, he has the absolute perspective when it comes to all business. He is also a very committed person – both professionally and privately. Always busy.


... the navigator, takes care of the online shop, the advertising and everything else. Also the social stuff. Back office buddy he is (Yoda spoke). Pretty good english he speaks and delicious coffee he can make.


An important part of the store is the cup of coffee. Simply indispensable. Especially when it gets cold outside and inside too.

Our story

Föller (Marcus), Knuggel & Daniel had the idea of ​​founding the Banana Boot Aschaffenburg in 1997 (thanks to Henny & Gerd) and Harry Bela Lafontaine was the godfather ...

In December 1997 a shop was opened on Dalberg. It was a 2nd hand store for everything used. There were already records and books and lots of odds and ends. Gradually, the 2nd-hand clothes were added.

After almost a year, the shop moved to Entengasse next to the pedestrian zone in October 1998. The situation was far better and he had also grown a lot. However, it was clear from the start that the shop could only stay there for 1 year - because of the short lease.

In August 1999, the Banana Boot found a new berth at Riesengasse 6, opposite the Kaufhalle ramp, next to the "Gully" - for 10 years until February 2009.

From move to move, the shop has grown and developed further: from a pure 2nd hand shop to a department store for alternative youth culture & 2nd hand.

The Banana Boot also had a branch in Berlin for a short time from December 2004 to February 2006: in the hip neighborhood of Friedrichshain on Bockshagener Strasse.

With a huge party in the Riesengasse in Aschaffenburg the Banana Boot said goodbye for the time being.

Föller continued to run the Banana Boot online in his shared apartment on Karlstraße and then from 2011 with a real shop/warehouse at Brentanoplatz 9.

In the former warehouse in the rear building - from the 19th century - the "Boot" docked in April/May 2021: the absolute insider tip at Weißenburger Straße 56c in 63739 Aschaffenburg.