Our store

... you are welcome to visit and browse with an appointment. On site we have a large number of 2nd hand records, CDs, cassettes - as well as books, some even antique etc. There is something for you in our range of T-shirts, hoodies, trousers and 2nd hand jackets. ...

We look forward to your visit with an appointment, as we can only be visited directly due to the pandemic - and agreed by telephone. In the course of 2022 there will also – presumably – be regular opening times again.

Here you will find us

Close to the center of Aschaffenburg, we are based in a beautiful former warehouse from the 19th century. Just walk down the driveway to the end and turn left. There you will see our sign above the steel door. It's best if you ring the bell, because we could also be on the first floor. … We look forward to you. You can be sure of a cup of coffee or tea. :-)

BananaBoot.de /Marcus Föller

Weißenburger Straße 56c /Hinterhaus

63739 Aschaffenburg

Phone: +49 / 60 21 / 4 38 70 28

E-Mail: mail@bananaboot.de

Contact direct to us

Opening hours – NEW!

Saturday — 11.00 AM - to - 6.00 PM